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Excerpts from Strange Facts & True about New Zealand should be seen as having validity as of its publishing date of 1981.

Oldest Pub

The oldest pub in New Zealand which is still operating from its original site is the Thistle Inn, on the corner of Sydney and Mulgrave Streets in Wellington. The Thistle Inn was built in 1840 and was opened between July and October of that year by the original publican, William Couper. 1

Furthest from the Sea

No part of New Zealand is more than 128 km from the sea. The furthest settlement from salt water is Garston, Southland. 1

Popular Year

During 1971 there were more marriages solemnized than in any other year; 27,199 couples were married. 1


The tallest fern in New Zealand is a tree fern of the mamaku species (Cyathea medullaris) which grows over 12 m tall and has a stem 30 cm thick. Individual fronds can grow up to 5 m long and 2 m across. 1

1  Strange Facts & True about New Zealand by Patricia Chapman