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Excerpts from Strange Facts & True about New Zealand should be seen as having validity as of its publishing date of 1981.

Boat Building

The only man known to have built a boat using only his feet was Kaitaia solicitor Mr Rodney Haines. Mr Haines, who is armless, built an 8.2 m double outrigger cruiser in his spare time while a partner in a Kaitaia legal firm. 1

First Million

Our first million of population was recorded in 1908. 1

Top Butter Eaters

New Zealanders consume more butter than any other people in the world 14.8 kg per head in 1977. The average American, by contrast, consumes only 2.18 kg of butter a year. 1

Mountainous Country

New Zealand is a high altitude landmass, with only one quarter of its area under 200 m above sea level. 1

1  Strange Facts & True about New Zealand by Patricia Chapman