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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

It happened then

Some key events in New Zealand since 1960.

The Socialist Unity Party was formed with about 60 members, largely from the pro-Russian faction of the Communist Party. The SUP, with many members active in the trade union movement, became the most powerful extreme left wing group. 3

Police were called to Auckland University to deal with students protesting over a part time student alleged to be a member of the New Zealand Security Service. 2

Following the death of King Koriki, his 34-year old daughter Piki became the first Maori Queen as Te Atairangikaahu. 3

The inter-island ferry Wahine began service. 2

Social Credit won its first seat when leader Vernon Cracknell was elected for Hobson. 3

With no private radio licences being issued, Radio Hauraki began broadcasting from the Tiri at sea outside official jurisdiction. 3

2  The Dominion
3  from the forthcoming Day by Day in New Zealand History by Jim Sullivan