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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

It happened then

Some key events in New Zealand since 1960.

Breath and blood alcohol tests were introduced for motorists suspected of driving under the influence. 2

Prompted by the crayfish boom, a government contract was granted to Safe Air to run a five-flights-a-fortnight Bristol freighter service to the Chatham Islands. 3

Television and radio licences became combined into a single $16 fee. 2

During the worst storm ever recorded in the area the inter-island ferry Wahine went aground on Barretts Reef. In spite of heroic rescue efforts 51 died. 3

An RNZAF evaluation team under Air Commodore Thomas Gill, after examining the McDonnell Douglas A-4E Skyhawk, recommended its purchase. 3

The 300 residents of the West Coast town of Inangahua were evacuated after a force 7 earthquake opened holes which 'swallowed up' cars and left hardly a chimney in Reefton standing. 3

A daytime express railcar service with hostess service the 'Blue Streak' began between Auckland and Wellington three times a week. 3

The 10-kilometre tunnel between the Lake Manapouri underground powerhouse and Doubtful Sound was pierced. 3

2  The Dominion
3  from the forthcoming Day by Day in New Zealand History by Jim Sullivan