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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

It happened then

Some key events in New Zealand since 1960.

In a highlight of the Christchurch Commonwealth Games, Richard Tayler won the 10,000 metres gold medal. Thousands watched the image of Tayler sprawled on the grass on the new marvel of colour television. 3

Prime Minister Norman Kirk died at the age of 51 in a Wellington hospital after less than two years in power. However, he had made his mark as a popular leader and the public reaction was akin to the grief felt at Savage's death. 3

Earlier forms of daylight saving having been abandoned in 1945, the Time Act provided for its re-introduction with up to an hour of daylight saving during Summer. In spite of protests from some dairy farmers and 'secession' by the Northland area of Ahuroa, daylight saving has been used since 1974. 3

Donald Hellaby completed a 112 kilometer swim down the Manawatu River from Woodville to Foxton Beach. The swim, which included the rapids of the Manawatu Gorge, began at 4pm on Friday and finished at 2pm on Sunday. 3

3  from the forthcoming Day by Day in New Zealand History by Jim Sullivan