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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

It happened then

Some key events in New Zealand since 1960.

The Maternity Leave and Employment Protection Act gave 26 weeks unpaid leave to a worker who had been with a company for 18 months before the expected date of the baby's birth. The right to return to the same or a similar job was included. 3

Moves were afoot to stop smoking in public libraries. In Oamaru the librarian suggested 'No Smoking' notices be put up but one councillor disagreed saying 'People smoke, and you just have to put up with it, we're not running a kindergarten'. 3

The carless day scheme, during which all cars had to display a sticker naming the day on which they were not to be used, was suspended. Petrol rose by 4 cents to 52 cents a litre. In August the ban on weekend petrol sales would be lifted. 3

The Ocean Beach Freezing Company refused to employ two women as slaughtermen because of their sex. The Human Rights Commission charged the company and the case was decided in favour of the women. 2

Hotel workers threatened strike action over the introduction of 'fill your own flagon' facilities in bottle stores. They saw the new service as an erosion of their job opportunities and an Otago union official predicted it would lead to coin-operated 'fill your own jug' systems in bars. 3

2  The Dominion
3  from the forthcoming Day by Day in New Zealand History by Jim Sullivan