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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

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Some items of kiwiana that existed, died out, or arrived in the years since 1960. Click an item from the box below.

Witches Britches

Witches britches first made their appearance in the mid 1960s and died out a short time later. They were brightly coloured, form-fitting stretch knickers that came halfway down the thigh and had a lacy border at the bottom. They contrasted with the short skirts of the time and a flash of knickers was often seen as the wearer walked. It was a fashion embraced by young women of the time. Many will remember schoolgirl days when there were school inspections where a girl would be asked to fold up her hem to demonstrate she was wearing the school-approved colour of witches britches. The schools couldn't stop them being worn so they stipulated a particular colour.

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