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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

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Some items of kiwiana that existed, died out, or arrived in the years since 1960. Click an item from the box below.

K-tel Products

In the spring of 1962, I returned to Winnipeg and came to the realization that instead of demonstrating to a few people at one time, I could try television, where I would demonstrate to masses of people all at once. I made a live 5- minute T.V. commercial on a tephlon non-stick fry pan. To my surprise, sales took off at a remarkable pace. I quickly spread the T.V. advertising throughout Canada and this 5 minute commercial became the world's first infomercial ever…By Christmas I had sold one million knives and netted a dollar a knife. All I did was sell the product into the store and buy the television time. After the difficulties of farming, I couldn't believe how easy this was. By the end of 1965, Seymour Propeil, said to me that he would not sell me any more products as I was getting "too big". That was when I was forced to find and develop my own products. Consequently, I entered the music business.

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Article by founder, Philip Kives. Images courtesy of colin171, gemmy6, suzkep, greatgran7, merlyn1, lollypop28; Trademe traders