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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

Upcoming projects

Planned improvements in 2010..

  • new web site colour scheme
  • some improvement of missing Lever Hit Parade stuff
  • progression with NZ Listener charts..working through the remaining years to 1974
  • progression with old NZ television programme listings..the 1970s
  • search for new source of  'it happened then'  items together with copyright permission
  • sourcing of interesting stats for  'funky NZ statistics'  page

Can you help with photos or information about the following (so long as the object existed in NZ after 1959 - the scope of this web site...

  • the first hand-held calculators to arrive in NZ
  • any info about the advent of plastic bags in NZ, particularly for bought loose goods
  • photos of oilskin parka and leggings circa 1960s
  • any closeup pics of old milk tokens
  • any pics of old wooden apple boxes and/or their labels
  • any pics of Shell-X100 Motor Oil containers
  • any pics or information about the end of availabilty of ex-army .303 rifles in sports shops
  • picture of old black duffel bag
  • scans or pictures of advertisers' artwork on old school exercise books
  • photo of 3-speed bicycle; particularly closeup shot of rear hub
  • any reasonably closeup shot of the brown plastic sandals and shoes that were around in the 1960s
  • photo of wooden matchbox

I can be emailed via the link on the  'contact me'  page.